Sneakers : Vans x Nintendo new awesome collaboration

I have to be honest with you, I never wore Vans but I have to talk about this collection! When you grew up in the 90’s you can only be attracted by the results of this collaboration.
You know it reminds me my childhood when I used to play Super Mario and trying to save the princess and I’m sure you too. It’s nostalgia, Vans and Nintendo touch, through this collaboration an important part of our lives and I think many people will buy these pairs for this reason!
I don’t think I’m going to wear Vans right now but I had to mention this interesting collaboration.

2 commentaires sur « Sneakers : Vans x Nintendo new awesome collaboration »

  1. Salut! Super beau blog! J’aime beaucoup cet article! Merci beaucoup de « dénicher » pour nous cettes marques UNIQUES!!!!!!


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