Mews, from Mallorca to the world.


The island of Majorca is known for its beautiful beaches, its RCD Majorca football club, its two tennis champions Carlos Moyà and Rafael Nadal, but also the famous actress Rossy de Palma.

Mallorca, is also Mews, a brand of men’s clothing created by two friends from the island. I discovered this label in 2016 by rummaging on instagram and I was able to touch their products at the Man Woman show in early 2017.

The quality is simply exceptional, but what I like even more is the minimalist aspect of their creations, careful attention to details and finishes.


The designers of Mews are inspired by their island, but I can not help but tell myself that their brands have similarities to those of the Scandinavians and the Japanese. To be clear, all I love.

I am convinced that this brand will develop all over the world and especially in Japan where it could attract a lot of consumers. I believe so much to their potential that I talked about them, to some of the shops that I know.

I told them to jump on the train now because after will be too late. 


If you want to know more, go to their website :