Pursuit of freedom.

To be a free human, we must first free our mind and our head


I had a conversation with three men from Portugal a few days ago (they were passing and disappointed with the reality in Switzerland. Far from the one they imagined) and the discussion really got very deep. We talked about society, about the system, about the difficulty of emancipating ourselves from the eyes of others and their opinions.

It was really interesting to talk to them. Usually, when I talk to people in Switzerland, when I talk about the crazy things that some people are going through in 2018 in Switzerland. When I tell people that in Switzerland, a supposedly rich country,  the country of cheese, watches, chocolate and BANKS there are homeless people! Yeah homeless, people who, if they want to eat should ask for nutrition vouchers in monasteries.

Sorry to tell you that in Switzerland there are also poor people.

In news papers, they say that unemployment is low « with technical adjustments » while many people are looking for work since 1, 2 or even 3 years. When your right to unemployment is over (well, if you can claim it). You go to social assistance, those who can not be helped by social assistance find themselves on the street and expelled from the country, because if you do not do money, Switzerland does not tolerate you if you are a stranger.

At the same time, I know so many Swiss who suffer in their country as much or worse than foreigners. The Swiss press never talks about all that, they prefer to point out what is happening elsewhere. 

When I talk about all that, people, often want to make me believe that I am crazy or that I am wrong. At first, I almost believed it and then I realized that I’m not. I understood that we prefer to ignore, pretend that everything is fine. 

The world we live in unfortunately makes us selfish and insensitiveAt a point that when you’re human with people, they’re suspicious of you…

When all is well for us, it is said of those who are in difficulty that it is their fault. They don’t want to do anything but often, they have tried everything and unfortunately nothing has changed. 

Everything is done to make us compete with each otherIt’s a kind of hunger games. There’s always a person who ready to take your place in a shitty job with a shitty boss who treat you like a shit. That’s why and how they underpay people. Because they know that there’s a lot of people ready to slave themself just to pay their bills and satisfy the system.


Anyway, let’s back to our business. I decided to write this post spontaneously after seeing and reading everywhere on the web what Kanye West said about slavery. I already wanted to talk about the pursuit of freedom, but I did not have the words and today, the words came on my own.

I don’t fuck with what Kanye West said about slavery, even though I understand the meaning of what he wanted to say

Capture d_écran 2018-05-02 à 15.17.34

I do not accept. Because everything he says is listened or read. And on the internet there is everything. Smart people or not. So what he says is interpreted and some people misunderstand.Other people with bad intentions will use this against the black community. Kanye West is more than an artist! He’s an ICON and what he say good or wrong have an echo. 

So, what Kanye West has just done « awkwardly » it’s to allow those people who when they discuss with a black, takes the African accent thinking it’s funny. It happened to me a week ago.

A man was talking to me with African accent. I told the guy calmly that, the next time he speaks to me with the African accent, we will not get along.


He said : sorry, I am tired, that’s why I make silly jokes.

I told him : yes! Your jokes are stupids

He said : I have black friends.

I told him : good for you if you have black friends, but I do not accept that kind of humor.

I think he made that joke to me because the black friends he has never told him to be careful. They probably laugh with him when he does. If he’s a good human, this man is going to think twice before he do that joke again.

So, when Kanye West says that 400 years of slavery was a choice, I say no! It was not a choice! I do not accept what he said, but I understand the meaning.

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Meantime, Kanye West and I are living the same journey, the desire to be truly free! I know that the first step is to free yourself from the eyes and opinions of others.

To be really free, you have to be ready for the world to cut you off. Because they say they want real people, true, transparency but when you look around you, it’s not authenticity, truth and transparency that dominates. When you start being too free, they start to get you a reputation (the crazy one, the marginal, the lost, etc…)


Allô, it’s Dj Khaled, the father of Asahd, the key master, the we the best ceo listen me : THEY don’t want you to be free!  So, you know what we’re going to do? We are going in pursuit of freedom!

I did not like Kanye West’s interview on TMZ, but I loved the one he did with Charlamagne. It is long, but I think it was not enough. 

He seems to have interesting things to share with human, he is relevant and has always been. 

I hope he will continue to want to be free, despite all that we say about him. I hope and I like to believe after the interview with Charlamagne that he has a clear vision and that he will make it visible to the world.

Thanks Kanye West for inspiring me even though I do not agree with him about everything. I’m glad to see that someone who is supposed to have everything, is going on the same journey as me. 

I’m going through hard things right now, but that will never stop me from wanting to be really free and doing everything to get there.