Buckle & Seam : or when elegance and ethics merge.

Details matter! 

What defines a human’s life are his decisions, his choices and his actions. Owning one of the Buckle & Seam bags it’s deciding to be a free spirit and a person with audacity.


I own one of their messenger bags and I can only say BRAVO to the high quality of their creations. The know-how of the Pakistani artisans who make their products is fabulous and the great care they take to the details and finishes is admirable.

I walk with my Buckle & Seam messenger bag proudly for two reasons.

  • 1st is that there is a highly human project that drives the founders of the brand : know more.
  • 2nd is that it is simply beautiful.


They have a large selection of products. Messenger bags, duffle bags, card holders and much more.

And as they have thought of everything, they even have a product to take care of your leather.

If you’re still a student, you can get 15% off.

For this, you must send them an email with your student card to this address : service@buckleandseam.com and you can tell them hello on my behalf.


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